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Good to Know

We ask that all party guests keep it formal and classy. For this particular event, no fetish wear and all bits covered. (Think Tuxedos and ball gowns!) (Please note, there may be partial nudity amongst some of the models and  partial nudity amongst some of the service staff during the VIP cocktail hour.

Bar Interior

Set Price Drink Tickets

The set-price pre-order drink tickets on the ticket site are set right in the middle to the lower end of the hard liquor prices Hard Rock will be charging the night of the event, so if you drink cocktails or other hard liquors, especially premium liquor, you will save money if you pre-purchase beforehand! If you only drink beer, wine or sparkling, I don't recommend purchasing the pre-set tickets as most are at or lower than the pre-set price. For those items, I would purchase the night of the event!

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